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Tauranga Seafood and fish Farmers Market  - Local Produce Fresh from Farmers in New Zealand

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Buy & Sell LOCAL fruit, veggies and much more!...

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Print Listing - Tauranga Farmers Market Tauranga Farmers Market
Take a break, stock up on some fresh product . Can't make it to the Saturday Market - call in to the Wednesday Market to savour some of the market flavours of fresh fruits and vegetables and some of the freshly made artisan foods.

TWILIGHT MARKET - EVERY WEDNESDAY 4.30 TO 6PM AT 'THE CARGO SHED' - Drive Cresent by the waterfront
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Tauranga Primary School,
between Arundal St, Cameron Rd and 5th Avenue
Saturday 8AM - 12PM

We may need workers... Seasonal Jobs in New Zealand...

Print Listing - Devonport Farmers Market Devonport Farmers Market
The Devonport Farmers Market is held on the Devonport Wharf every Sunday, where you can find delicious fresh produce.
Open from 9am to 1pm.

** This is not Devonport Auckland **

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The Devonport Wharf
Sunday 9AM - 1PM

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